TurfSoft TS3

Machine for the cleaning and care of artificial turf.


TurfSoft is a solution as simple as effective for the joy in the game and maintaining the value of small areas with non-infilled and infilled surfaces (sand and sand/rubber). Using this machine you can eliminate suspended particles, abrasion and dirt particles from the top surfaces. The manoeuvrable TurfSoft is ideal for areas with little space to move, where stairs, steps and narrow doorways complicate the access to the artificial turf pitches.

TurfSoft is equipped with a petrol engine which controls three functions at the same time: the vibrating function of the sieve, the drive of the turbine and the rotation of the cleaning brush. With light pressure on the steering arm the brush steps into the turf and through the emerging feed it causes an easy and energy-saving operation.

You can easily clean the filter by turning the handwheel.

TurfSoft TS3 is developed for the cleaning of infilled artificial turf pitches along boards, fences or corner blocks. Equipped with a hinged side broom the TurfSoft TS3 eliminates the dirt even in areas which are difficult to access. If the side broom is not used, it can be easily folded.

SMG dust filters installed by SMG comply with DIN EN60335-2-69/dust class ”M” and EN779 ”F8” or ”F9”. Dust with a high proportion of fines as well as granulate/fibre abrasion (microplastics) are extracted via the
powerful turbine and bound in the filter.