Tow-behind device for loosening and brushing of artificial turf.


The TurfTuner is used for loosening of infilled artificial turf and to straighten the fibres. It is equipped with a unique 3-point rear-mount type accessory which can also be used as a tow bar. This variable 2-in-1 tow-behind hitch enables the use with all commercially available utility tractors, ride-on tractors, golf cards, quads etc.  

The 2 ball-bearing adjusting spindles with scales enable precise setting and locking of the working depth. The innovative SMG-OMEGA is a quick-change system for changing the rows of tines without tools and for changing to optional rows of brushes. Rows of tines and rows of brushes can be combined in any way, so the TurfTunerTT2000 can be adapted to individual requirements and maintenance steps.  

The plastic bodies of the brush rows are more stable and durable than commercially available brush rows with wooden bodies. Together with the SMG-OMEGA, they enable a standard working width from 2,000 mm to up to 3,000 mm.  

The 4 low-maintenance solid rubber wheels ensure minimal surface pressure and can be rotated by 360°. This prevents harmful friction on the artificial turf when cornering while operating with the 3-point. When operating with the drawbar, the rear wheels are fixed and thus prevent the attachment from side motion.  

The trailing drag brush is floating and ensures an optimal surface finish. A loop on the drag brush allows a magnetic strip to be attached.